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Ad Bag
Ad Bag
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Ad Bag

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Each Ad Bag is a unique one-of-a-kind piece, please choose either warm or cool and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Warm Bags will have either red, orange, and/or yellow as their predominant colors. Cool Colours will have either blue and/or green as their main colors. If your wanting a specific color then please message us via live chat 

The Ad Bag gets its name from Advertising Banners. But the life of a big shot advertisement is brief. So we stepped in and gave the Ad a second, more utilitarian life as a Tote bag hauling your groceries and things around.

Constructed from reinforced vinyl mesh, seatbelt, and innertube, the Ad Bag is a strong and lightweight carry-all. This Billboard Bag is perfect for the gym, the beach, a picnic, supermarket trips and more. You can always toss it in the washing machine after a hard day. No two bags are alike. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty- Free Replacement within the first 30 days of purchase

 Measurements : Length : 15.5 / Height : 18.5 / Depth : 5 ( Inches )

Weight: 283 Grams

Capacity: 24 L

How to care for  :

Clean with a rag and warm soapy water and hang to dry

Materials :

Upcycled Mesh Banner / Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tubes / Seatbelt

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