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About Us

Who are we?

Neesh Stores is a UK Based Company that provides you with premium quality items that are built by hand with Repurposed materials in order to help stop landfill waste and make you feel good about what you purchase, founded in 2018 and established in 2019 we are a Company which is unique in what we sell as well as the ethos of driving change through using our profits and providing excellent customer service. 

Why the Name Neesh Stores?

Well thats a good question let us explain, we have 2 exclusive product ranges (Found on our Store Page) these brands are unavailiable anywhere else in Europe meaning that your buying experience is quite unique as all items are created from repurposed materials each product is different in appearance. Our end goal originaly was actual stores dotted around Europe however due to the distruption of Covid we plan over the next 5 years to do pop up stores where you can use our app and come see us to choose your item. Neesh comes from a bit of word play on Niche - based upon the items we sell like the Joyride Backpack made from repurposed tent. 

Why buy from a Company like us who you have never heard of?

For a start  we have sales across 10 countries in Europe in under 2 Years with 0 Returns, All products are created to stop landfill waste and that we have high standards for our support staff to allow you a pleasent shopping experience with a live chat or phoneline availiable from 9am- 9pm Monday to Sunday. Our standards are high to ensure that your emails are awnsered with 30 mins as we know how frustrating it is not getting a response back.

Sustainabilty is key for me how sustainable are you?

Thats probably the most over used word for last year, let us rephrase that for you into " Lots of Companies claim to be sustainable, can you prove to me you are as this is key for me to know"

Our Awnser to this:

Sustainablilty for us is our Company DNA from the way we ship by planting trees to the natural sourcing of the materials used in the Products we sell furthmore by both partnered brands we work being B Corp Certified and our Packaging Also being a B Corp Company we align everthing to be a close as a B Corp by being as transparent as possible and delivering ecellent customer service. We undergo the B Corp Assesment regulary to always improve and drive change with Our Company 

What is a B Corp Certified Company? - Click here to discover.

All items are stocked within the UK, every product is unique to you.

Welcome to Neesh Stores.