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About Us

 We are a UK based company and our passion is to sell beautiful unique items that have been created from materials that otherwise would end up heading to a Landfill Site. Our Product range consists of urban bags and accessories that are modern,yet sleek in design made from repurposed materials. We also have a product collection (Green Guru Gear) which is ideal for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts 

We work exclusively with 2 Companies - Alchemy Goods and Green Guru Gear who dedicate their lives to producing handmade products from upcycled salvaged materials. All products are made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. We are the only company in Europe who works with them.

We sell products made from such things as inner tubes from bikes, advertising banners, car seat belts, climbing ropes, tents, jeans and wetsuits. Doing this closes the loop of waste going to landfill and therefore preventing many tonnes of materials being sent to a landfill site. We truly believe in sustainability and all of our products we sell reflect our beliefs. The companies we work with, create premium products that are built to last. Both of the Companies we utilise are B Corp Certified. 

What is a B Corp Certified Company? - Click here to discover.

Here at Neesh Stores we pride ourselves on doing something good for the planet and providing excellent customer service and delivering a shopping experience like no other. 

All items are stocked within the UK, every product is unique to you.

Welcome to Neesh Stores.