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About Green Guru Gear

At Green Guru Gear is a team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts who work to create change in the outdoor and cycling sports industries. They know that most outdoor gear created to participate in outdoor activities can lead to environmental destruction. Instead of stopping to play outside they decided to manufacture products in a more eco-responsible way.

Born in 2005 Green Guru Gear uses old outdoor gear that would otherwise end up in landfills to create new adventure gear. All Green Guru Gear started out as something else like bike inner tubes, wetsuits and billboard materials. By keeping these valuable materials out of landfills we can all go on adventures with a good conscious.

The word “Upcycle” as it’s called at Green Guru begins with products obtained mostly from “Recycling Stations.” - these are collection Bins that get sent to Green Guru Gear. Bike and outdoor shops offer incentives for customers donating used gear before they purchase new products from their shop. Companies like Trek, Patagonia, Sea World and organisations donate their leftover materials, defective products and old bike tubes to help the team build Green Guru Gear.

Neesh Stores works with European Based Companies to Place Recycling Stations within the Premises to stop the European Waste heading to landfill - A truly Transparent and 100% Sustainable process. Green Guru Gear is also a B Corp Certified Company