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About - Alchemy Goods

Alchemy Goods is a Company that creates urban,durable handmade lifetime warranty Bags and Accessories from repurposed materials such as bike inner tubes,advertising banners,lorry inner tube and car seat belt just to name a few materials.Every single item is unique to its owner meaning that what is displayed our site isn't necessarily what you will receive in regards of looks we think this is really cool.


The Company started back in 2003 founded by a guy called Eli Reich who was riding on his bike and had a messenger bag stolen from him, He then went home to make a replacement bag from old bike inner tubes and a car seat belt.The bag he made is still available today, with a more modern look it called the Pike Messenger. Pictured below is the exact bag he made what is unique is that the white stripe is actually reflective materials taken from a road sign. He then sold this to 6 of his friends, they then told their friends and the company was born! The products available today are sleek in design yet functional and each with a unique story to tell. Alchemy goods is a Premium Brand that creates solutions to minimising landfill waste while creating products built to last.

The Company is Based in Seattle,Washington and all products are manufactured in the factory in Seattle with headquarters located in Colorado.