It's time to start thinking!

With the dawn of our lockdown coming to an end, isn't it time that we started to think about what we will do with our re-found freedom?

I know its something I have had the time to think about since the Covid pandemic hit us, and I have reflected upon how we should be treating the world we live in, and that can only start from me. So I started to look around at companies that have ethical ethos', and boy that's a mine field. Quite often what they say in print and what they actually do are very different. So I continued to look and learn as to what it is that we should all be looking for. Something I kept finding is B- Corps! What the heck? I had never heard of it. Well we should all make ourselves familiar with it. It is massive! A certified B corporation is a new kind of business that is legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. OK, so I started to find something that as a consumer we can rely upon. Why aren't companies that are certified B shouting out about this! How can we begin to make the changes we need to if we don't know these things! So I made a decision for myself, that whatever it is I need to buy, unless they are B-Corp certified I won't buy from that company, and I have made a pledge to myself to help others understand the importance of it by educating people where I can.

On my journey of self education, I came across NEESH. I was looking for a present that would scream my new beliefs, and they were, as a company everything that I could have wanted it to be! But I don't need to sell them to you, as you are reading this on their website, you've found them too, and I can only hope for you that you decided to purchase from them as I did! Best thing I have done this year!

So if you are a fellow green newbie like myself or you have already been put on the right path, please find the time to educate where you can and recommend companies, like NEESH that do exactly what they claim to do. The world needs us.